About Speak Real Communications

Training & Webinars

Steve and Sharon Edelman create speaking and on-camera trainings for Democratic candidates called: “Speak Real: Authentic and Relatable.

They believe that the best way to grow as a speaker is to do it, like a sport, and get strategic feedback…in the moment…that’s right for the individual. That’s why all coaching is done live… in person… and through live Webinars using Zoom.

The trainings have been given in live group workshops for Emerge California in San Diego, Sacramento and San Jose, and for Netroots in Atlanta.

Live coaching for individual state and national candidates across the country have been given on Zoom.

Live Zoom group trainings have been conducted for Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota and Arizona…and California.

These sessions are coordinated through The People PAC, a dedicated group of award-winning filmmakers and producers who use the trainings to prepare candidates prior to filming “bio videos” to use in their campaigns.

All Speak Real trainings are highly interactive, using state of the art technology that gives every participant a chance to speak and get constructive feedback.

Steve Edelman

Steve was a former television news reporter, anchorman and talk show host before starting his production company and then turning to candidate coaching.

Edelman Productions created hundreds of hours of series for History Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and more, from offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Minneapolis.

Steve has a BA from Yale and JD from the Northwestern University School of Law.

Sharon Edelman

Sharon has deep experience both in front of and behind the camera. Host of a television talk show for over 17 years on an ABC affiliated station, and having hosted nationally syndicated shows, she later specialized as a producer, talent scout and coach. Her focus was discovering new talent and training them to bring out a natural and relatable presentation.

For the past two years, she has been training Democratic women candidates who are new to politics, giving them tools to be authentic, relatable and memorable when speaking.

Sharon has a BA in TV, Theater and Film from Northwestern University.